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Crack Sealing

As specialists in the property maintenance industry, we try our best to improve every aspect that we possibly can. Without a doubt, cracks are the initial, and most common damage that can occur to asphalt. Whether it’s a driveway, parking lot, or a road, cracks are inevitable without the right maintenance methods.

You may notice a small crack, and wonder, how did this appear? Well, it's simple.

Road Constuction


External factors such as rain, snow, and sunlight all have effects on asphalt. When asphalt is untreated (ie. NOT sealed with our protective coating), moisture seeps into the surface, it then freezes, erodes, and thaws. When water freezes, it causes the material to expand, and causes cracks to form. The best way to avoid cracks from appearing, is to seal your asphalt regularly while it is still in prime condition. 

If cracks have already begun to appear, then crack sealant is the ONLY effective solution to prevent them from getting larger, or turning into potholes. This is something you want to avoid since it will only cost you more in the future. 

At Lifetime Driveways, we only use high quality materials. Our hot rubberized crack filler is commercial-grade, so you can be sure that it lasts. The material begins as a solid, but when it is heated it turns into a liquid which allows us to pour it into the damaged area. Once the crack filler solidifies, it prevents any moisture from penetrating the surface, ensuring your driveway maintains its condition.



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